Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Training Log: Swim

Me in the middle with the arm meat.
Hey all. So this is my first training log. I think I'm just gonna talk about the workout and go from there.

I did a 800 yd swim or about 1/2 mi. I decided I should make sure I can swim a little farther than I am supposed to swim this Saturday. It took me 30 minutes. I'm not upset about this. Yay!

It was confusing and hard. I have the hardest time tracking how far I've gone! On the way to the rec center I thought very hard about how many lengths that would be. I'm still hesitant to say what I came up with because I might have been wrong. I suppose it's nearly time to invest in a fancy watch that counts all that stuff for me. Woof.

I arrived just as a water aerobics class was ending and waited for the lifeguard to set up the lane ropes. There were a few other swimmer swimmers waiting with me. They were less patient and started swimming right at these poor chatting ladies (ok, in fairness, I was thinking 'a little more walkey, a little less talkey ladies!'). That cleared them out pretty fast.

Kylie swimming uphill.
I heard on a podcast this week that kicking isn't that important for triathletes in the swim (Yay!) which I must have known subconsciously as I don't really kick. I have noticed, however, that not kicking has lead to my legs dragging lower in the water and slowing me down. So I decided to try a few laps "swimming downhill". When I actually did it my legs went up. Like MAGIC! Now to figure out how to get my head to the surface for air...

So I like that. Will use that. Probably not on Saturday when it's FREEZING though. I'll probably be "swimming uphill" with my precious face out of the water completely. Like a moron.

Next swim: One last open water swim with Kylie on Friday.

Next workout: I Don't know! This week is packed with non-workout tri stuff. Ironic.Tonight is my first tri-club meeting and tomorrow I get to meet Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O'donnell! Priorities.Might try to get in a jog at lunch tomorrow.

Mirinda Carfrae = 5 feet 3 inches of bad assery.

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Jewelyn said...

This is fantastic! I have a friend here in Vegas who has done some tris and I admire you ladies for even trying. I can't swim. Yes, I can but I suck at it and therefore don't enjoy it. But you are inspiring. I love that you're doing this. You should come do one in Vegas. You could stay at my house. I'd even slip in a little massage for you before and after. ;) Good luck on this race! You can do it! Can't wait to hear how it goes!