Thursday, May 15, 2014


Runner's Roost. Thank you. Thank you for my running shoes that motivate me to go on painful run/walks, thank you for my elastic shoe laces that help me not look dumb in transition during races, and thank you for my future purchase of Newtons and a race watch. But most importantly thanks for last night.

Last night Runner's Roost and TriRock Triathlon (which I'm doing in two months, yay) hosted a Q&A with Tim "HotPants" O'Donnell (5th place finisher at Kona in 2013 and best American Pro in the field) and Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae (2 time and reigning champion at Kona)! Oh and Bob Babbitt. ;)

Great interview. Very fun and informative. Ok, and yes, Tim's hot.
It was awesome.

I may or may not have been in the front row like a nerd...

But it was awesome and I learned so much and got some much needed inspiration.

Best moment? Probably when Mirinda (she hasn't asked me to call her Rinny. Yet.) said something to the effect of "not being Macca" - saying she's gonna win everything as she has a little more respect for her competitors than that.

So this happened. We could totally be related... distantly.
Made my night.

After getting my picture with her... maybe I jumped at her as soon as they were finished, maybe not, I can't remember exactly... we chatted about where she was from, I was all, "my sister married an Aussie, they live in Brisbane (where Mirinda is originally from), well Maloolaba." And she was all, you dumb American, that's way down from Brizzy. Ok, not really, she just laughed and said "that's down on the sunny coast!" I laughed and said they were probably just simplifying for me and just saying Australia probably would've sufficed. Smooth recovery, hey? See, I speak Aussie.

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