Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Mice Go to Heaven

I TA for a few classes at BYU. One of the classes is the Anthropology of Food. Well, in class today, a group presented on Food and Magic.

They set up the table complete with lit candles and a cauldron. Then they pulled out the ingredients: a dehydrated lizard, liver of a blaspheming Jew, eyeballs, and a mouse. Now, the mouse was living. They had the poor thing in a jar no bigger than he was. As a lid on the jar they had a cork and cloth. Somebody pointed out to them that he probably didn't have enough oxygen which was why he was freaking out. Minutes later, when it was time to add the mouse to the potion, we noticed that it had stopped flipping out...

Noser was pulled by his tail from his tiny grave and dropped him with a plunk into the cauldron.

"Guys that really wasn't supposed to happen... But it did.." This was the only eulogy Noser would receive.

Poor Noser. But he's in heaven now.

Is there a moral to this story? Yes, there is. But I feel that if I need to explain it to you, I'm interfering with Natural Selection.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Open After Dark in Provo...

Not many local businesses fall in this category. Even fewer of them are mildly enjoyable or interesting. Another rarity in Provo? Anything worthwhile to be found in the Daily Universe--our campus link to the outside world. Yikes.

Well, last Tuesday was a day to change all days. On the front cover of the afore mentioned rag that I wouldn't use as a toilet-seat cover was this picture accompanied by a story about the Pennyroyal Cafe.

I have since dined here a few times and spent a lot of time taking advantage of an uncensored internet, comfortable seating, great food, and good music. I'm too busy to do a full-on restaurant review, but just wanted to encourage anyone in the area to check it out. But keep in mind that it's new and still getting things sorted out. 

Biggest plus (other than the internet and bottomless Dr Pepper)? It's open until 2am but if you want to enjoy it sans the local teenage crowd, come by for lunch and have a table all to your self.