Saturday, October 15, 2011

What is Russia?

Going from staying with Corinne and Jason to staying with Isaac and Kristin has been very interesting. I've missed these boys a lot, that's for sure. Just thought I would like to share some of the funnier moments and things over heard.

-A few days ago, from the other side of the house, Kristin could be heard to say, "No more stand-up peeing for you." Poor Jimmer. You're just not quite there yet.

-Jake has a telescope that he drags around constantly. The other day, inevitably, Jake utilized said telescope in battle against Jimmer causing Isaac to impart the following words of wisdom: "Hey! That is a tool of learning, NOT a tool of war!" 

-Yesterday, it was beautiful and clear and Isaac had done some landscaping and mowing in the back yard. Jimmer and I were out enjoying the yard and the afternoon. He got himself hurt and came over and climbed up onto my lap. We leaned back and were looking at the clouds, finding shapes. I pointed to one large cloud that looked like Russia. He immediately agreed with my assessment, repeating, "Oh yeah, that looks like Russia." I asked if he knew what Russia is. He said, "Russia is a big mean man." I was fairly impressed and couldn't correct him as I'm sure there are many people with a lot more book learning than him that would say almost the same thing...When Jake came out soon after, James showed him our Russia cloud. I told James to tell Jake what Russia is. Jake laughed and said, "Russia's not a man, it's a big city!" Again, I was impressed. Less imaginative, certainly, but at least he knew the general category. 

More later.