Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane...

Well folks, 

French-Brianne and I are winging our way to Europe in just a few days here. I plan to take advantage of free internet spots we have in our planned path to share updates on here as well as to Skype with Whitney and whoever is online at the time (so keep your eyes open!). 

Just for the purpose of making you all jealous and annoyed, here is a rough outline of our itinerary:

On monday we're driving to Oregon to stay for a week or so with my fam-damn-ily.

Then on May 5th we fly from the Seattle airport, through JFK, to London where we'll stay for one night before flying into Brittany (northwestern France), to a little town called Brest.

We will immediately take the train along the Normandy beaches into Paris and spend the evening wandering around the streets around our Hostel. Our first day in Paris we'll take the little inner-city transportation out to Versailles in the morning. Then we'll return and wander around the Louvre that evening (people under 25 get in for free on Fridays evenings!!!) The next two days we'll wander around the city reenacting as many scenes from French Kiss as possible.

Then we'll train down to Provence stopping somewhere along the way. Then on through Nice and into Italy. Briefly stopping in Pisa for a cute little picture we'll continue down to Rome and for just one night before moving on to Florence for two nights then on to Venice for another two nights. 

Then, with a little stop in Milan, we'll head back into Nice to hang out for three days getting some color on our skin (red for me and a beautiful freaking California bronze for Brianne... ugh) and to see Andrew Bird when he stops in Nice on his European Tour!!! (Yummy in any language.)

Then Brianne is going to stick around for another week with me to help me get settled in my research site near Nice before flying back home. 

Then the real fun begins. I will do my research until flying home mid-July.

I'll keep you posted, and see you mid-July.

Bon Voyage... to me.