Friday, April 12, 2013

Extremely Delayed Movie Review: Michael Clayton

This movie is Erin Brockovich with less cleavage. There is still cleavage. Oh yessssss. Just less. I am not going to say who provides the cleavage in the interest of maintaining some integrity in this review. I'll just say that as Tilda Swinton is the only significant female presence in the film you know it's not coming from her.

So because it was recently pointed out to me that a Spoiler Alert given after the spoiler is dropped is completely pointless here's my Spoiler Alert: This movie came out SIX YEARS AGO. Moving on.

I liked it. Mostly I enjoyed how much my dad wanted me to sit with him and watch it. :) Also I finished my puzzle midway through. Very intense. Lots of dialogue for George Clooney. Lots of close ups on his pretty eyes. Has anyone else noticed that he always looks like he has really subtle eyeliner on? It's lovely.

Things I didn't like: they killed Arthur!! Come on. I was almost out after that. I had a very hard time with this for two reasons, I believe. First, they were so cold and methodical about it and it came out of nowhere. Just ew. Second, at that point in the movie Arthur is the one I wanted to be all bad ass and take them down. He's so sweet.... except for the being obsessed with that younger girl and exposing himself... but I didn't see that part, so I'm gonna stick with him being sweet. So: NOT COOL Tilda, NOT Cool.

Overall Rating: Three Stars, one ring finger up, and mild applause.