Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life in Lyon Update

Went to see Harry Potter yesterday. Can't believe I made it in to the first showing at 11am--there was a bit of a line. But it was about 3€ cheaper so that was good. 

So, being in Lyon (a bigger city) I got to see it VOST which means it's the original version with French subtitles. After sitting through all the ads previews finally started. These were all in French and literally lasted 30 minutes! Previews didn't even start until 11:30! The only good one was for Nissan and featured a dance off between two brands of cars... It's how I thought driving a car should go... maybe I should get a Nissan. Hmmm. I could only find the English version--it was a little different in French. O-well, it's still awesome--it's like Step-up with your car! I really didn't think Step-up could EVER be topped. Wow.

And then there was this preview for "Totally Spies"... Apparently it has had some playing time in the US recently as well, but it is EVERYWHERE here. I just found myself thinking as I watched this preview "Is this really how they (the French) see us (the Americans)?" It is an originally French cartoon (I believe, from the little research I could stand doing) but takes place in Hollywood. Yeah. Anyway, it's very popular here. 

Then they played other previews. I'm not sure if you have seen the preview for 2012 with John Cusack but it's another Independence Day/Day After Tomorrow/Cloverfield kind of epic destruction kind of movie. So of course it contains the typical, iconic shots of important buildings and landmarks being 
destroyed. For example, in the 2012 preview there is a shot of an aircraft carrier rolling over and flattening the White House. I kid you not--there were titters and smatterings of applause throughout the packed theatre... I slide self-consciously lower in my seat.

So, yeah. That was fun/funny/awkward/disappointing. The movie was good. But now it's back to work. Hurray for doing an in depth inventory of my local grocery store! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Crazy Dreams

I had a dream last night, woke up (still in the dream) and tried to tell Emily Earl and Brianne Emry (who I was hanging out with) about the dream I had just woken up from. So, for those just tuning in or for the rest of us that are still completely confused... I had a dream within a dream and then continued in another dream where I was trying to tell those around me about the dream dream I had just had... 

It's kind of like the single quotation marks within double quotation marks thing. 

Maybe I shouldn't have tried that weird gree
n drink with the fairy on the bottle last night at a local French cafe... No, not really...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life in Lyon Update

While I do hope to continue with my daily tales from my Euro-Tour with Brianne, I thought I might as well do a little post about the present. 

Lyon is beautiful and treating me well.

I am quite pleased with my apartment's location--I really had no idea where to live and just kind of happened upon this location and it's been perfect for me. There's a large farmer's market right outside my door on the banks of the river. 

I was a little sad for these bunnies, though.

After doing some yoga in my apartment I thought I'd whip something up...

Here's something I just threw together... ok, not really.

That's a dinner I had the other night with a new friend named Elisa while eating on Rue Merciere (Restaurant Row, kind of a tourist trap place, but worth experiencing). Mom--this is where that bistro is located.

A few weeks ago I met Djima. He's a student from Togo and has been very helpful with my research accompanying me to farmer's markets and cafes and helping me out as an interpreter.

Fun times. These are just a few excerpts from my recent doings here in Lyon. I'll talk to you all again soon.