Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yes, it's been an alarmingly long time since I've posted on here. Yes, I tend to avoid it. Yes, I might even fear my blog(s)--the other one is an alternate which Whitney has been encouraging me to drop... But this morning, as my MANY medications kicked in, I began to feel empowered and optimistic and promised myself that I would post today... or at least get a draft started.

My main purpose here today is to confess one of my greatest, darkest secrets. I often hide in closets. Well, not physically. I hide my support of many things in closet. You will often hear me confess, while talking about some book, movie, or political movement that "I'm a closet fan". Some of these things are legitimately in that closet. We all have guilty pleasures, and a few of my closet items gather dust in the darkness because in light, natural or artificial, they are truly shameful and embarrassing to me. Others really don't deserve this sentence and are merely there in due to my pathetic attempt to maintain neutrality and mystery.

Now, don't get too excited--I'm not sharing all of my closet loves. I'm simply bringing to light something that you already all know about me anyway and that I'm done trying to be neutral about. This doesn't mean I can't be bipartisan. I am registered as an Independent but I am so sick of hearing senseless, ignorant judgments from the extremes in general. At this moment it's the right that's really pissing me off. Now, this may very well be due to the demographics I most interact with right now.

Hold on, now. I DON'T want this post to be an attack on the stupids... even though I actually kind of DO want that...

I just want to say to everyone--left, right, and center: I support Barack Obama. Not blindly. Not ignorantly. Not by default. And not grudgingly saying "well, It's historic". No. He's just a man. And having considered all the choices, I can't imagine how so many people around here can still think he wasn't the best choice. (That doesn't mean I think he was the lesser of two evils.)

Today, waking up to the knowledge that we would soon have a new president--an intelligent, good person who will be making important decisions in the coming years with deliberation and consideration of all sides--made today one of the sunniest days I've had in a while. It's pretty thrilling to have a president that you're not ashamed of--someone that doesn't make me cringe when I consider the world audience.

Say what you want. I'm just so sick of all the nonsense for and against our new president. Things are looking up, and for the first time in a LONG time, I'm excited for the direction our country is headed (which is saying something considering our present state). For the first time in a LONG time, I am proud to be an American.