Thursday, May 26, 2011

He-Man Nation

It recently came to my attention that I have been singing the wrong, though preferable in my opinion, words to the only song worth mentioning (that’s right I said it) by the band Filter: “Hey Man, Nice Shot”. Changing the title line to “He-Man Nation”. See what I mean? Yeah. Better. Rather than making the necessary adjustments and correcting my error, I have decided that this is evolution at it’s best—survival of the fittest. Mistakes and mutations that are better and stronger force out those that are lesser, replace those that were weaker. I rule.

Ok, He-Man Nation, I’ve set the example and now I would like to open the floor to hear your examples of wins and fails. They don’t necessarily have to be song lyrics and they don't have to be yours, though you will get extra points, as always, for any self-flagellation. What have you made better or worse…on accident…or on purpose, but seriously though…on accident?

Just serendipitous.