Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Lying Around...

Whitney got home from work today and welcomed me and the weekend by tackling me to the ground! For those of you that know us both and are, naturally, confused, allow me to explain: I was in the final climax of Harry Potter 7. Basically my mind was elsewhere. Oh yeah, and I was completely entangled in this huge feather blanket. (I love keeping our apartment cold just to glory in the central air... Whitney will most likely put a stop to it once we receive our first utilities bill so I've got to enjoy it while it lasts!)

It was a cheap shot and I can assure you all that I shall be revenged. Luckily my laptop lay on the ground near where my head ended up and I was able to get hard evidence with my photo booth app.!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daily Doings

Whitney, Chris, Jared, and I just got home from seeing Okkervil River at the free concert series they have every summer. It was great but concerts always take a lot out of me... Combine that with Radiohead and a TON of apparently sourceless I-15 traffic on the way home and you get one suuuuuper tired Paige.

The crown was necessary to give me the happy energy I needed to finish folding laundry before going night-night.

I call this Whitney's dead fish face. He just gets sexier and sexier with each passing day.