Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Check Out...

HitRecord is a project of Joseph Gordon Levitt's. It's amazing. I'm not gonna try to explain more than the picture and the link. If you want to go check it out. If not the sword. I think it's a really great idea and love that he's doing this for lesser known artists.

And now--I call this "Monkey Support":

Guess Who I Spoke to Today?

:Mr Knightley and Mr Wickham. Surprise surprise, Mr Wickham was indeed an absolute delight. Just delightful! He sounded just like Jude Law. (Who I met once. In an alleyway. He thought I was a hobo. We had a moment.) Mr Knightley? Kind of little bit of a punk. A Technophobe. And a pain in my aching American head in general. Not what I expected out of my britons. Not what Miss Austen had lead me to believe at all.

I shall keep you abreast of any further developments.

Yes. I said "abreast".


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Favorites from Work

Britishisms from work. Just thought you'd enjoy a couple of the most awesome ones.

: "No, no. 'e' as in 'apple'."
--I get this ALL the BLOODY TIME!!!! It never fails to crack me up! Now, when you say the 'e' make sure you aren't flexing any of the muscles around your mouth, that's right. You've got it.

: Us: "What internet browser are you on?"
Them: "Uhhh...... orange?"
Us: "....No."
--I should say in their defense that Orange is an internet provider over on the other side of the pond, so this isn't that idiotic... but there is always the distinct possibility/hope that they were referring to Mozilla Firefox which is kind of orange.

: Ok, we got an email from a woman requesting Hugh Grants information because she was, apparently, his Baby Mama (claiming to have had a kid for him). Here's hoping she doesn't come upon my blog while doing her family "research. It was amazing. I will go into no more detail than that.

: A man called in with the surname "Farquart". As in Lord Farquart. As in "he huffed and he puffed and he....signed an eviction notice." From Shrek. Pronounced exactly the same way. My coworker had a hard time getting through that call and I made sure he had a hard time getting through that call. It was 'mazing.

: Last one for today. This is an email I got in Spanish which I will just give you the rough translation of. "I wish to know my ancestry, where I come from, because I have gypsy tendencies."

Oh heavens. Family history can answer so many questions about who we are. It's the most fulfilling part of my day, more than being a plastic surgeon, or cat declawer, say. It's truly wonderful.

I hope this has given you all a small insight into what I do in the wee small hours of the morning and why I never answer my phone any more. I love you.

Paige sleepy.