Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Achilles Under the Knife

Well, my man-cat is being de-manned today. My mom called me this morning to report that he is ok, and checked in for his surgery. During the conversation she mentioned that I could follow the tweet updates of his surgery on their website. So, I'm not going to lie, I may have payed a little more attention in this mornings class to Achilles' surgery updates than to Adam Smith...

Later, I was relieved to receive the tweet: Ahilles is recovering well from surgery & able to go home anytime after 2:00 pm." But the relief was momentary for just after that tweet was another saying: "Hector is recovering comfortably from surgery & able to go home anytime after 12:30pm."

There are a couple issues here. First, HECTOR?! Are they kidding me? I hope those vets payed attention in their GE Humanities classes to know that those animals can NOT be allowed in the same room as eachother sedated or otherwise. Second, what's this 'comfortably' nonsense? I'm sure my cat deserves the same amount of comfort due to Hector, Driver of Horses! MY cat's part god
, for heaven's sake! And, Third, uh, why is Hector being released sooner?! I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that Hector's manhood was, well, smaller and, um, more easily removed than Achilles'.

Because it's BYU football time I'll begin this photographic trip down memory lane with this shot of Achilles getting to "know" our poor BYU cheerleader bear.

Jackson: "You will learn submission."
Achilles: "Like hell..."

Whitney, as you all know, tried to resist Achilles, but gave in eventually.

And here he is wondering why we are using his bathroom as our voting booth...

Or maybe he just wanted a vote too... Votes for cats!

And here is Achilles with his mommy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

BYU offs Oklahoma and Provo goes BERSERK!!!

Some videos of me and Whit driving home from watching the game and enjoying all the craziness.